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Oh hey! Welcome to our Page! We’re Brayden and Noah, and we’re the minds behind Pawgyle, a company for furries by furries. We’re an LGBTQA+ and kink-friendly brand that produces goods that are original and fun. Great for folks looking for both SFW products and NSFW art commissions.We already have a great selection to choose from and we hope to provide more in the future, so please stay tooned for fresh new content soon!

Hello! I’m Harrison (He/Him), also known as Brayden. Born In Indiana, I come from a Chinese and Taiwanese family. Since I was small, I have had a passion for creating things and have always expressed interest in new concepts or techniques. I finished my studies in Apparel Design for my Masters degree with a main focus on knitwear and product design. I developed Pawgyle as a bridge between the furry fandom and my interest for design.

Nice to meet ya! I’m Noah (They/Them). I've been in the fandom since 2011 but have been active since 2020. I've been loving every minute of it. Can’t wait to meet new and exciting friends through Pawgyle! I love the great outdoors and have been a naturalist and conservationist since 2016. I am currently working on an Environmental science degree and hope to use this degree to help endangered animals.

If you're interested in my work, you can contact me at my business email or twitter!